Nexy, Vesuhda TIME (feat. Paniik)
Release Date 26/02/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Nexy x Vesuhda - TIME (ft. Paniik)

Nexy and Vesuhda release their latest sonic collaboration ‘Time’ to encapsulate you in a blissful moment in time. Featuring the smooth vocals from the Dominican singer Paniik, channeling a Jaden-like delivery, ‘Time’ is evidently the result of all four creative minds at their best.

Now, three singles in since his change in musical direction, Nexy as an artist continues to gain cohesiveness and allows us to start building a much clearer picture of his new found sound… a sound to drive around late at night to; a sound to send to your crush; a sound to get a pretty girl to kiss you. Channeling the likes of The Weeknd, Mura Masa and Stwo, his songs evokes the very feeling we all long to feel through music:

You know that feeling… like when you’re driving around in the middle of the night with a car full of friends? Or you’ve just met that beautiful girl at a house party? Or you’re about to walk into that big concert? That intangible feeling. Freedom, happiness, love. You just feel cool. And for a brief moment in time, all is right in the universe”. Paniik adds: “The song Time is about a girl who clearly deserves better than I can provide. I’m just trying to explain to her why I can’t be that person she wants me to be. It’s sad, but it also feels good to be honest with your significant other and yourself”

»for a brief moment in time, all is right in the universe«

If any song is going to do this, ‘Time’ – with its ravish production and flirtatious r&b groove – is one to check out right away.

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