Two Neighbors Never Talk To Me Again
Release Date 08/04/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Two Neighbors - Never Talk To Me Again

Up and coming duo Two Neighbors step it up with their new single ‘Never Talk To Me Again’. Coining their novel sound as ‘hard pop’, vocalist Sophie and producer Andre are on a mission to give us something that’s expressive and refreshing; music to headbang to but also to reflect upon… pop music with a rebellion against pop. ‘Never Talk To Me Again’ – with its hard hitting beat and unforgettable melodies – takes us straight into this world. And once you’re in it, you’ll never want to leave again. The duo explain: 

“The song is about being addicted to an ex. Hoping that person treats you so badly you can finally have the strength to walk away. In my case, I didn’t have the strength and our last fight ended our relationship. The song is a reflection on the lack of self control, obsession, drug addiction and physical fights that occurred back then with that person”. “I want the listener to feel and think in the comfort of pop music. To dance but also to quietly reflect on their own life and what it means to be the youth of this generation”.

»I want the listener to dance but also to quietly reflect on their own life «

Finding the fine line between making music that makes you want to jump around, cry and feel sexy – all while still being able to appreciate the deeper meaning behind the lyrical content – is exactly what they’re about. Now releasing on Cloudkid, Two Neighbors are about to set the neighborhood alight.