Neoni Interview
Release Date 29/01/2021
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CloudKid Presents Neoni

– Hey Neoni! Let’s start by ontroducing one another. Caitlin you introduce Sidney and vice versa. Tell us your roles within Neoni and finally an interesting fact about your sister and partner in crime. S: Okay, this is Caitlin, she is a singer-songwriter. An interesting fact of her is that she can literally put sriracha sauce on ANYTHING. Give her any food group and she’ll go with it. I bet she’s put it on her toast in the morning. C: This is Sidney, she’s a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, wearer of many hats in Neoni. Fact: she has a crazy kill count on Apex Legends. We share the same PS, and there’s a lot of judgement because she is in fact better than me. Lots of shade gets thrown between us. Even on Animal Crossing! Like how can you throw shade at someone on Animal Crossing! – Clearly gaming plays a part in your personal and musical life. What are your top 3 games of all time? C: i) Apex Legends is definitely in there. ii) Skyrim we both looove played when we were really early teens. And iii) pretty much any Zelda game. We played Zelda since we were 5. S: This is another fact about Caitlin actually… she gets so heated when she plays games AND she gets so emotionally attached to the horses. She even gives them names. We have Mr.Death and Doomsday. – Talking about horses, your last single with Cloudkid – ‘Outlaw’ – has the artwork of you riding away on horses. This gives us a bit of a Red Dead Redemption vibe. How often is your music inspired by games? S: Yes! This is the game we were thinking of when writing Outlaw, although we actually have never played it. The trailers still totally inspired us though! C: we’re also total book nerds and avid readers though. So we mix gaming, books, as well as everything that’s going around us in our personal lives. So you take our lives and then try to add something epic to it, our music is where they meet in the middle. Life is tough so we wanna make you feel like superheroes… like Iron Man.

– Let’s play a little game, playing along the lines of being an Outlaw. Seeing which one of you is more likely to to one of the following things: i) who’s more likely to get into trouble? S: Definitely Caitlin. Cause she’s so sarcastic aaaall the time. And she’s also the one who does the Disney princes storm-offs, very dramatic when she got in trouble. ii) we’ve all stolen at some point. So what’s the most expensive item either of you have stolen? C: We’re so not cool, definitely not an Outlaw. I don’t think we ever stole anything apart from a chicken while playing Skyrim. Our mum was so strict about it, with so many lectures – so nothing was worth the lecture. S: Also I have overwhelming guilt and Caitlin just cannot lie. So we’re trash criminals.

»We’re so not cool, definitely not an Outlaw. I don’t think we ever stole anything apart from a chicken while playing Skyrim«

iii) so who was most likely to cheat on a test or just not study? S: Actually we were homeschooled so it was basically impossible for us to cheat on any test. Also our mum had a sixth sense so she would suspect and catch us when we did. C: I procrastinate so badly so I think I was the one that slacked at the work most of the time. iv) who’s more likely to get pulled over for bad driving? S: We share a car, and I usually drive just because I have control issues and Caitlin is a terrible driver. Also in Tennessee the driving is so wild and bad anyway. We saw a truck driving on three wheels once, pulling into the fast lane, in sight of a cop, and he just doesn’t get pulled over. C: I had a terrible experience parking where I was pulling out of a parking spot and since I’m not a huge fan of mirrors I hit the truck behind me with the driver inside it. My Disney princess gear kicked in hard, tears were everywhere out and I was even sick. The good thing was that I think he ended up feeling sorry for me and never called me to fix the damage on his car. Moral of the story – cry when you have an accident. Follow Neoni and pre-save their upcoming single DARKSIDE on Cloudkid now.

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