Tokyo Project My Perfection
Release Date 12/05/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Tokyo Project - My Perfection

Tokyo Project finds his perfect sonic direction with his latest dark-pop enchantment ‘My Perfection‘. Expressing his artistic persona and sound by wearing different masks, the Italian producer puts on a moody and melodic outfit for this one. Really showing off his electronic production, the track is full of intricate beats, eerie bass-lines and melodies, making for a glitch and cinematic-like journey.

He explains: Long Story short, this is a personal story. After a super rough breakup I decided to write this song for anyone who has also ended a relationship thinking it’s the best thing to do; yet still can’t really move on because they still think of that person as your perfection. So basically it’s about being stuck in a limbo of emotions.

»it's about being stuck in a limbo of emotions.«

With ‘My Perfection’, the young producer encapsulates the most relatable of situations expressed through the most appropriate sounds. Inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, Sub Urban, as well as Yoko Shimomura for the unique violin lead, it’s clear that Tokyo Project is taking inspiration from the very best out there, channeling it through his own emotions and experiences, and finally into something of its own merit. Check it out on Cloudkid now.