Release Date 04/06/2021
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CloudKid Presents Airmow & Frizzy The Streetz - My Life

French wonder-producer Airmow and smooth Jamaican vocalist Frizzy The Streetz pair up for their second occasion to create an intriguing sonic fusion. ‘My Life’ highlights the pair’s ability to create personal music, while experimenting with different styles. They managed to combine some ideas that might seem quite different on paper. However, the sheer variety of what they came up with is what ultimately makes this single stand out. “My Life” combines influences as diverse as neo-soul, R&B and trap, going for a modern, atmospheric vibe. The beat is punchy, cutting through the mix and perfectly merging with the massive synth bass lines. The vocal performance has a spontaneous edge to it, providing so much melody and depth to the track. The lo-fi percussion elements then adds so much character and warmth to an otherwise hyper-modern sound that sets the bar very high.

Airmow elaborates on his production: I wanted to produce something really melancholic and chill, so I decided to create a dreamlike atmosphere with synths and percussion to reproduce a mix between lucidity and dreams. Like when you walk alone through the streets on a rainy night – alone with your feelings, time feels slow and you think about life. This is something I feel a lot when I come back to home after a studio session I wanted to create a song for this moment in my day. I always overthink everything in my life because I’m a nervous guy… however during these moments, I often feel at peace with myself. Frizzy The Streetz explains the lyrics: “My Life’ is about taking control and doing what’s best for you whether it’s goals, relationships, music, etc. Sometimes in life, you can find yourself trying to please everyone but yourself, which can honestly lead you down to a pretty unhappy road. This song is basically about breaking free from what people want from you and just focusing on what you want for yourself, remember you’re the author of your own story so it just makes sense for you to be the one in charge of writing it”

»This song is basically about breaking free from what people want from you and just focusing on what you want for yourself, remember you're the author of your own story«

Chaneling the likes of Miguel, The Weeknd, and what could easily be a Gorillaz style collaboration – with its genuine twist and excellent performance – “My Life” is definitely one for today’s upcoming sound. And just coming off his debut EP ‘RUPTURE‘, it shows that Airmow is still staying as experimental, versatile and exciting as always. Check out ‘My Life’ on Cloudkid now.

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