Layto My Final Symphony
Release Date 05/02/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Layto - My Final Symphony

Layto’s unmistakably raw and melodic sound hits us once again with his latest single ‘My Final Symphony’. Tapping into a more hip-hop groove than usual, this sad slow- jam is a welcomed addition to Laytos sonic exploration. Featuring a striking piano progression, heartfelt lyrics and a hook that will stay with you for days, Layto explains the origin behind the track:

“It was something I wrote after feeling disempowered in my career. Losing management and parting ways with my team, not having success at the time. I just wrote this record as someone who was contemplating leaving, as a metaphor for leaving music. It’s a woe-is-me record… someone who feels like no one cares about him, he’s forgotten. That’s just how I felt when I wrote it. When it comes to writing it’s normally really negative experiences that imprint on my mind, so they tend to be the catalyst for my records. For some reason I feel more compelled to create from that space than from a happy place”

»I wrote this record as someone who was contemplating leaving«

Born out a feeling of a sense of disempowerment and failure, ‘My Final Symphony’ is a record that, ironically, ends up putting Layto’s music in a light of grandiosity and triumph. More importantly, it’s a track which stems from his artistic vision of being as authentic as possible and for the listener to feel it’s genuinity… “and if people fuck with that, it’s awesome” – Layto. ‘My Final Symphony’ most certainly achieves that, and will leave you longing for many more of his symphonies.  

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