Nevr Know, George Cooksey My Drug Dealer
Release Date 01/12/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents NEVR KNØW & George Cooksey - My Drug Dealer

Pop, love song, ‘My Drug Dealer‘ is a collaborative track between producer NEVR KNØW and vocalist George Cooksey. Dreamy acoustic verses with punchy drums permeate the song to keep listeners’ heads bopping, all while combining soft yet driving vocals that really make the track stick out!

George Cooksey says, “It’s a love song weirdly enough, despite the song’s title. It came about as a track about a strong lust that can only be compared to the rush you’d get from a drug. Beginning with a phone ringing tone as if to call your dealer to hook you up, but there’s something — and someone else — hidden there.”

»It can only be compared to a drug rush...«

Producer NEVR KNØW is a must-hear for those keen on chill, alternative, rocktronic and pop sounds. There’s hardly anything known about the mysterious artist, but he has already marked an impactful debut into such the scene in 2020, known now for his emotive vocals and striking drops. Alongside him is Welsh vocalist and singer-songwriter George Cooksey who has always been into music and grew up listening to various artists including Daniel Bedingfield, Justin Bieber, One Republic, Chris Brown, among others. Singing was always his first love and as it grew, he experimented more with creating and producing his own music. Playing the piano and ukulele were his main musical focuses until he moved toward songwriting, as well as collaborating with various producers. An artist spread across a few genres, mainly pop and electronic, he’s now adding ‘My Drug Dealer‘ to his catalogue with NEVR KNØW .