Release Date 30/04/2021
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CloudKid Presents Neoni - MUTINY

Calling MUTINY a song would be an understatement… this is the Neoni sister’s latest high energy anthem. Explosive, empowering and exciting – it defines their alternative, pop and rock infused sound perfectly. But while their sound is defined, it still doesn’t mean it’s predictable. MUTINY is a hell of a journey, with quickly interchanging sections and mood, the track keeps you completely locked-in and never lets up. They explain:

“Mutiny is about rejecting people’s definition of you. It’s about breaking the status quo, making your own rules, finding your own way and refusing to let anyone limit you. It’s about shattering the mold and doing all the things they said you couldn’t with a smile on your face”

»It’s about rejecting people's definition of you«

If one word stands out when listening to Neoni’s music and hearing about their writing process, it would be ‘empowering’. Within a 3 minute sound-bite, their music has the potential to make you feel invincible. But it would be rude to narrow it down to one word either way; with their impressive catalogue build-up over the past couple of years, the 2 sisters have created a whole world of sound full of energy, dramatic vocals and excitement. An excitement shared by consistent supporters including multiple Spotify editorial playlists features (Alternative beats, SALT, All New Rock, Alternative Generation, Friday Cratediggers); Synch on shows like ‘How To Get Away With Murder’; an NFL kick-off; as well as a feature in a Forbes magazine article. Check out MUTINY on Cloudkid now.

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