Joseph Feinstein music box (feat. PARIIS IX)
Release Date 13/05/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - music box (feat. PARIIS IX )

Behold Joseph Feinstein and his latest mesmerising single ‘music box’. Fresh in the scene, the young writer wastes no time in showing off his very own intricately composed sound of dark and playful pop melodies mixed with irresistible trap-infused beats. Evidently going beyond the norm of everyday music, ‘music box’ is a track that truly awakens the senses. Joseph explains the storyline and making behind the single: 

“The track takes place in a fresh post-relationship situation. Things aren’t clear and everything is confusing. A new person suddenly comes into my life and seduces me into going with her and doing things the ex hated. Intoxicated, being out of my mind and having destructive tendencies, I’m burning bridges and creating more fights. Essentially the song is about the naivety of ignoring consequences and the wasteland it creates. I’ve been in my bubble this whole time, simply playing with this music box which turned out to be dynamite” “During the writing process we realised the song was not destined to hold a typical pop structure. We eventually got PARIIS IX on the second verse and it lifted the song to another level. Finally, for the last chorus we ended up recording my little sister; we were going for a scary vibe and nothing is scarier than a kid singing a playful melody – if you provide the right setting”  

»we realised the song was not destined to hold a typical pop structure«

With its consuming 808’s, intriguing additions of oriental influences and a feature from PARIIS IX (channeling the likes of Tyler, The Creator or Jaden), it’s impossible not to become engrossed in this sound. Follow Joseph Feinstein closely to never miss a beat from his inevitably growing music box.