Say So City Mother Teresa
Release Date 16/02/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - Mother Teresa

Experimental rock with a banger of a drop, Say So City unveil their final track, ‘MotherTeresa,’ as part of their debut-EP scheduled for release this spring. The Denmark-based trio looked into experimental, electronic and more “geekier and into sound design” influences on their latest song’s production value. Infusing those sounds with front-woman, Line’s smooth and crisp vocals, she harmonizes perfectly with the song’s noticeable guitar riff interspersed within the song and behind its other grandiose production elements.      

The trio speak about the song: “To behave like Mother Teresa is credible and incredible, given her — and people like her — contributions of spreading awareness and offering services toward humanitarian efforts. With that said, however, sometimes the cost of heroic efforts simultaneously take a toll on one’s own time and life. And so, this song was essentially written from that perspective – a mother’s perspective. Mothers go through a lot, and always want their children to grow up to be decent human beings — clearly, as they raised and shaped them — but not if that means constantly putting everyone else’s needs and wants before their own. I think someone smart once said: ‘love yourself first, to love others.’   

»And so, this song was essentially written from that perspective - a mother's.«

Say So City’s fourth single is OUT NOW, and the trio are as excited for it than ever, marking the next track in a series of songs that they want listeners to describe and understand as intense and cinematic. These tracks will ultimately become part of the band’s first lengthier body of work: an EP entitled, “It’s On.” As they continue to test the waters as newcomers and fuse electronic and traditional rock sounds, they’re ready to take on whatever comes their way. Say So City’s rocktronic and indie pop edge will no doubt be a deep dive headfirst into their very own unique and creative world. Unbeatable and unstoppable, help us help them continue their momentum in ’22 with their latest, ‘Mother Teresa.’