TRUU, TEYA Mirror, Mirror
Release Date 14/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents TRUU & TEYA - Mirror, Mirror

Energetic, edgy, dark pop at its finest, Austrian producer TRUU and singer TEYA team up to release a captivating mixture of melancholy and anger on their collaborative, ‘Mirror, Mirror.’

TEYA says, “The sound of the song is dark because narratively, the lyrics are also quite difficult and dark. It’s a catchy song, too, but very much a vulnerable, fierce track that is actually all about body dysmorphia and the difficult relationship that most people have with their mirrors; how so many people simultaneously hate their mirror and yet how much they are dependant or even addicted to the image they see being reflected back at them.”  

»There's a difficult relationship that people have with their mirrors...«

Austrian-born, Berlin-based producer and artist, TRUU started to fall in love with dance and pop music at an early age. Later in his musical development, he became influenced by artists like Sub Urban, EMELINE and UPSAHL of whom ultimately cultivated some further inspiration for him musically. His last collaboration, “U in my head,” also on CloudKid and with Omido, reached over half a million streams to date. He is excited to work alongside Austrian vocalist, TEYA. At 12 years old, the athlete-turned-singer left her tennis career to pursue music. Apart from playing the saxophone in a jazz orchestra, she says it was her theatre experience that made her confident and ready for the stage. A few years later, she wrote her own song and began working in proper music studios. In 2020, TEYA officially started being a songwriter for other artists, frequenting songwriting camps for dance music, where she wrote a song for pop star Alexandra Stan, and Eurovision camps. Her edgy pop sound, red & black aesthetic and sharp, direct songwriting is now an established part of TEYA in the music scene. Together, ‘Mirror, Mirror‘ featuring both artists — TRUU and TEYA — out now!

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