Paper Idol Mania Days EP
Release Date 25/06/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Paper Idol - Mania Days EP

The epic journey following the emotional, reality-bending, head in the clouds, dancey, melody-ridden, high-octane hysteria of Paper Idol’s latest musical quest comes to a big conclusion with the release of this well-awaited EP ‘Mania Days’. If the title isn’t a giveaway, the LA songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has been giving us a dose of wildness within each growing single…charmingly catching our imagination with Daydream, before unsurprisingly making us get lost in Clouds, and finally taking full control of our ears and body with a feast of divine sound & hooks on Tightrope, James Bond and Seen This All Before. Now, fully engrossed in his indie-pop melodies and punchy electronic production, we are treated to the final chapter. He explains:

“Mania Days is a six-part story about a boy named Paper whose broken heart leads him on a delusional adventure. Castles is the final chapter in the story – Paper’s mania wears off and he crashes back down to reality. The song is about my experience moving to LA to make music. I had these huge expectations for success, often fuelled by people in the industry, and thought it would require little time or effort to reach that success. “Castles” is about leaving fairy tales behind and realising that you need to work hard and stay determined to reach your goals”

»The song is about my experience moving to LA to make music«

Setting out to create a musical antidote for a generation bombarded by reality and desperate for an escape, Paper Idol’s formula is evidently something that we all need. On the journey to Mania Days so far, the formula has been taken up and played by the likes KEXP, SiriusXM, KCRW, BBC Radio 1; supported on Spotify Editorial Alternative Beats, Metropolis, Creamy, Friday Cratediggers; and written about by Atwood Magazine,, BuzzBands.LA and Under The Radar. Join the final chapter and listen to Mania Days now.