Apollo On The Run Mama (ft. Liv Cartier) (feat. Liv Cartier)
Release Date 27/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Apollo On The Run - Mama (ft. Liv Cartier)

Grunge meets trap pop on Apollo On The Run’s next single, ‘Mama.’ On it, listeners can hear distinct, hard-hitting 808s and heavy guitars that give way to a unique sonic fusion. Featuring powerhouse, pop vocals by British singer-songwriter Liv Cartier, this ‘revenge era‘ style track is special in that despite its darkness, those listening are still able to find a soft vulnerability to within it.      

Vocalist, Liv Cartier says of the song, “‘Mama‘ is about not being able to give someone up even though they’re an awful person. Despite knowing this, you still keep going back to them until you eventually hate them enough to leave. ‘Go ‘head tell your mama, go tell her that I’m gunning for you’ is the part of the song where you’re at your breaking point with the person and want to get revenge for all the times they’ve hurt you, so much so that they go crying to their mother. By the song’s end, it’s pretty obvious that you have finally realised you’ve been getting the bare minimum from this person and now you’re calling them out on it.”  

»You realise you've been getting the bare minimum...«

Music from the heart of the original a British Gotham City, Apollo On The Run is the brainchild of UK producer and songwriter Jordan Round. Inspired by early 2000’s Deftones and Slipknot songs and sounds, and fused with modern pop, trap R&B like Santino, Le Saint and Doja Cat, these artists helped shape his vision for a fresh new sonic canvas for him. Obtaining over 35 million streams on his co-writes for other artists, Apollo is now showing the world his own unqiue, artistic vision. Alongside him on the track is London & Manchester based Liv Cartier who is debuting her own dark brand of alternative pop. Branded  as ‘pop on a comedown,’ Liv immerses you in a bleak, sparse soundscape with her unique vocal styling being forced into your ears. Together, their sonic intrigue is revealed on ‘Mama‘ out now on CloudKid!