Say So City, Joseph Fields Make Me Feel
Release Date 22/02/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City & Joseph Fields - Make Me Feel

Say So City return with their first track of the year, alongside artist and producer Joseph Fields. On ‘Make Me Feel,‘ a drama unfolds between two people in this pop, house duet. Pulsating bass lines and cool guitar riffs sonically follow the back and forth between the two people involved and the individual pride they want to uphold even though they truly depend on each other.

Birk of Say So City says, “It’s about the ups and downs experienced in a relationship. About staying, fighting, regretting. Even though a relationship can be tough, those small glimpses of something bigger than the difficult moments makes it count.” Joseph adds. “The track is about a man and a woman in a broken relationship. They’re unhappy when they’re together and when they’re apart. The first verse is from the woman’s perspective, whereas the second is from the man’s. He knows that if they break up they’ll get back together, and despite the fact that she thinks she can find someone better than him, nothing is going to change.”  

»It's about staying, fighting, regretting.«

Having had a heck of a 2022, with numerous songs of theirs scoring various Spotify Editorial lists, including Oyster and Electrending, New Music Friday in all the Nordics, as well as landing numerous YouTube placements, including Nightblue Galaxy Music, MrSuicideSheep, Danish-duo Say So City return for their first song after their previous two EPs. Their first EP, ‘It’s On,’ also released on CloudKid last year, acted as a musical movement and endeavour in which they each opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a specific style and creative mark to it. Their rocktronic sound and indie pop edge gave the an advantage; with their next EP, I Might Be God, they were also able to prove their ability to push the limits of their own creativity with new sounds and genre-bending music, from club hits with fierce drops to subdued love songs. On the track with them is Joseph Fields, a singer-songwriter and producer who creates unconventional pop with both electronic and hip-hop influences. Solid vocals are the common thread throughout his music accompanied by captivating melodies and catchy lyrics. Once a member of various rock bands throughout his childhood, his interests swayed and he began orchestrating classical music later in his life. The culmination of which was a musical in the style of Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera. Eventually, he dove into more modern music which birthed the new blend of styles he makes and his artistry of today. Together the artists release ‘Make Me Feel,’ out NOW!