crypto, Kaphy Love The Game (feat. Liza)
Release Date 22/05/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Crypto & Kaphy - Love The Game (ft. Liza)

Crypto, Kaphy and Liza join forces to release ‘Love The Game,’ an energetic, yet somber, light, yet dark, familiar track about the back and forth toxicity of a fleeting relationship.

Kaphy says of the track, “Sonically, this track is like a journey through a pulsating futuristic world. Imagine a smooth, deep bassline that feels like a heartbeat, setting a steady rhythm that you can’t help but move to. Layered on top are vibrant synth melodies that dance around the bass, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation, in line with the song’s narrative arc.”

»...a journey through a pulsating world. «

Inspired by the universe-renowned music scene on planet Earth, Crypto decided to embark on a hell of a musical journey, leaving their home planet to write and release music for mere humans. Released on CloudKid, Crypto thought it would be the perfect label to help them explore a whole new world. Giving full freedom of expression and encouragement to be themselves, Crypto is now able to explore their creativity without limits and show us humans where their outer-worldly music skills — and taste, plus epic collaborations — can take them next. On the track with Crypto are Liza and Kaphy. Born in Washington State, Liza moved to California at just five years old. In her youth, she was very much involved in music with her father being a bit of a rockstar himself in Washington, her brothers being very musically talented, and her mother who always acted as a supportive mentor to her. She began writing poems once she moved to California and soon realized that she could pair them with music and create her own style of songs and sounds. Since then, she’s enjoyed writing and singing, aiming to inspire listeners, reminding them that they’re not alone and can always find someone who can relate to them, whether through music, word, or sound. Kaphy rounds out the dynamic trio. Born and raised in Mexico, Kaphy is a music producer with large ambitions on the future of his music. He started producing at the age of 13, via an old laptop and cheap headphones, constantly working towards learning more, experimenting with many elements and genres within electronic music, trying to find the right sound that he’d soon make his signature style. Together, the three release ‘Love The Game,‘ out now on CloudKid.

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