crypto, Guilty Empress Love Me Again
Release Date 30/08/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Crypto - Love Me Again (feat. Guilty Empress)

Crypto returns to make listeners fall in love and perhaps even out of it, this time with their rendition of John Newman’s 2013 hit, ‘Love Me Again.’ Gritty, raw, powerful, strong, hopeless yet hopeful, their rendition also features powerful vocals by artist in disguise, Guilty Empress.  

Crypto says, “The song is about star-crossed lovers trying to make it work in quite the torn world. I was inspired by the work of John Newman and how captivating his original was, so much so, that I wanted to make a version myself, just tweaked in the Crypto way, that includes my signature electronic punch and sound. I was also inspired by the anonymity of Guilty Empress as an artist and asked her if she’d like to take part and sing the vocals on the track. As you can hear, it ended up being a great choice in the end.”   

»It's about star-crossed lovers trying to make it work...«

Inspired by the universe-renowned music scene on planet Earth, Crypto decided to embark on a hell of a musical journey, leaving their home planet to write and release music for mere humans. Released on CloudKid, Crypto thought it would be the perfect label to help them explore a whole new world. Giving full freedom of expression and encouragement to be themselves, Crypto is now able to explore their creativity without limits and show us humans where their outer-worldly music skills — and taste, plus epic collaborations — can take them next.

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