Cheska Moore, Mblue, Cadmium Lost Souls (feat. sebabrazy)
Release Date 20/03/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Cadmium, Mblue, Cheska Moore - Lost Souls (ft. sebabrazy)

Dark and moody is the best way to describe this all-star track, ‘Lost Souls,’ features production from Mblue, Cadmium and sebabrazy, along with vocals from Cheska Moore.

Mblue says of the song. “This song meant a lot to make. It’s a dark alt-pop song mixed with classical motifs and powerful bass sounds that ride the wave of questioning one’s purpose and not knowing how to feel about it, eventually becoming leading one to become a lost soul.” 

»...questioning one's purpose. «

Inspired by artists like UPSAHL, Billie Eilish, and Jesse Reyez, Cheska Moore brings a fresh perspective to the music world. Her powerful vocals and deep lyrics create an emotional connection with her audiences, making her a rising star to watch out for. Sonically, her music offers a unique blend of moody, rebellious, and bass-heavy sounds with distorted elements, creating a distinct dark alt-pop style. Next on the song is songwriter, dark pop & electronica producer from Poland, Mblue. He is fascinated by the universe, infinity, quantum physics and unbelievably strange laws that rule our world and deems himself an escapist from prosaism, a daydreamer, a huge fan of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead music as his greatest influences.

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