Lani Daye losin u
Release Date 13/02/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Lani Daye - losin u

Inspired by the likes of Arie, Frank Ocean, SZA and Eden in his songwriting and artistry, Lani Daye shares the next song off of his upcoming, debut EP with CloudKid, this next single called, losin u.’

Moody, angsty, nostalgic and a tiny bit tumultuous, the song is about being in a relationship that is exactly those adjectives and feelings, “but finding it hard and scary to let it all go,” when it’s all the person ever knew, Lani says of the track, noted especially in the following lyrics: //  Were we always just a mess? Or am I more fucked up than usual? / How many times do I have to say I love you before I hit send? Don’t be in a rush to leave. / Is this a place where we can grow? / Will we make it through this mess, I don’t know. //       

»It's moody and angsty...«

Lani Daye is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer keen to blend elements of alternative, pop and hip-hop into his own unique sound. His first release, “Hate U/Miss U,” appeared on popular electronic music label Monstercat, garnering over 200k streams. He has since worked alongside artists such as Silent Child and HNST, and aims to continue genre-bending and producing his original music that will help others feel seen, heard and understood. His next release with CloudKid, ‘losin u‘ out NOW!