Eros Locked Into Midnight
Release Date 06/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Eros - Locked Into Midnight

Berlin-based newcomer Eros first single, ‘Locked Into Midnight,’ debuting on CloudKid, features passionate and longing vocals harmonising with both a mysterious and hard-hitting instrumental creating a dramatic listening experience.

He says about the song: ‘This track depicts a passionate and forbidden romantic encounter, where two individuals are engaged in a clandestine affair under the cover of night. The song portrays a sense of danger, secrecy, and intense desire between the two lovers. It’s about the “desperate desires” shared by the two individuals, their passion so intense that it keeps them locked in this dangerous affair.’

»It's about the desperate desires...«

Enigmatic Berlin-based bedroom producer Eros has emerged as a captivating force, crafting a distinctive soundscape that blurs the lines between darkness and pop sensibility. While Eros remains shrouded in mystery, their music speaks volumes, drawing listeners into a world where haunting melodies and ethereal vocals converge. His first single with CloudKid, ‘Locked Into Midnight,’ out now!

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