Two Neighbors Little Mila
Release Date 24/07/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Two Neighbors - Little Mila

Two Neighbors get hot and heavy with their latest hard-pop single ‘Little Mila’. Cranking up the gritty guitar tones to wake up the rockier underworld of their sound, the track is a straight knockout punk-punch to the eardrums. With their signature blend and catchy fusion of multiple genres across the track, Two Neighbors’ music keeps on sending out an infectious message of freedom and exploration – no matter what you may be doing in life. Be yourself, be badass, be epic and the star in your own life.

“This song is about my friend Mila. She was my co-worker at the strip club we were dancing at. I found her endlessly fascinating and she often flirted with me, joking or possibly seriously saying she wanted to be my girlfriend. One night she was sending me sexy pictures and suddenly the lyrics/melody popped in my head. I sent Andre a voice memo, he had the music ready by the morning. It was easy to write this song, all I had to do was observe her. I want the listener to feel comfortable exploring sexuality in a fun way without pressure. I think everyone plays around with the idea of being with someone of the same sex even for a brief moment”

»I want the listener to feel comfortable exploring sexuality in a fun way without pressure«

Finding the fine line between making music that makes you want to jump around, cry and feel sexy – all while still being able to appreciate the deeper meaning behind the lyrical content – is exactly what Two Neighbors are about. And with the songwriting and production happening so naturally between vocalist Sophie and producer Andre, it’s clear that this is music you need in your everyday life.  As they say… Love thy neighbor (or two of them) and check out ‘Little Mila’ now.