Silent Child Life sux
Release Date 04/09/2020
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CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Life sux

Silent Child tunes in deep into his past, his feelings and his pain with a song that speaks out for mental health awareness and a strong reminder not to stay silent. ‘Life Sux’ sees the young producer and songwriter make terms with a song that has been 2 years in the making; using his unmistakable gritty production and guitar to convey his story and every ounce of emotion that’s been building up since. Sharing stories and feelings has been an integral part of Silent Child’s impactful music. The honesty and relatability resounding with his growing fan base through the lyrics and his ability to encompass a specific feeling into his songs so effectively. He explains:.

“Throughout my life, I was no exception to mental issues. I’ve been put down so many times by so many people that the voices in my head all hate me. That coupled with my paranoia and amazing inability to talk to people; I never knew how to talk to anyone about it. Especially at a young age, kids and teens don’t realize that we absorb everything that gets thrown at us and it shapes our future selves. So all the bullying, mental abuse and constant shaming turns into an inexpressible feeling… until this song”

»all the bullying, mental abuse and constant shaming turns into an inexpressible feeling... until this song«

Speaking out has come at a perfect time for Silent Child. Following on from major collaborations with the likes of updog (‘deep regret’) and PatrickReza (BLOOD’) as well as his unmissable previous single ‘Fuck You– supported on leading Spotify editorial playlists Fresh Finds and Alternative Beats – his music has never been as far reaching or as relevant as today. Check out ‘Life Sux’ now.