Confetti Lie A Little
Release Date 06/03/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Lie A Little

The circus is back! ‘Lie A Little’ marks the well awaited return for our two favorite elephants in 2020. Bringing their hiphop side to life once again, Confetti kick the year off with a tune reminiscent of their early favorites such as  ‘People Suck’ and ‘When I Grow Up’. On the road to create as much chaos and noise as ever before, ‘Lie A Little’ packs their usual witty lyrics and catchy grooves – ready to make you dance, think, cry and laugh at the same time. Confetti explain:

“This song is about the ever so present WHITE LIE. And how the white lie has gradually evolved into compulsive lying which is a major problem facing society… in particular the youth of today. The real issue at hand is avoiding confrontation at ALL COSTS, even if you must lie. Honesty is hard to find in today’s world. Perhaps Confetti is bringing us one step closer to being able to trust each other again”.

»Confetti is bringing us one step closer to being able to trust each other again«

When honesty is hard to find, at least we know we can rely on music to set things straight. With an Elephants perspective of the world, Confetti’s music confronts it head on with a refreshing and uniquely satirical outlook on pop culture and society. In a world full of hypocrisy and well… humans, all you can do is escape to the circus. Listen to ‘Lie A Little’ and enjoy the show.