Release Date 15/09/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - Liar

Pop with a hint of alternative and rock is just how Jake Daniels would describe his sound. However, when it comes to the deeper meaning behind his music, there’s more to the story. Daniels describes his artistic work as being a part of all-encompassing narrative, his songs written as short stories, meant to take listeners down a rabbit hole of events left for and to their own interpretation. Accompanying emotional and honest lyricism is appealing instrumentation, also meant to draw in casual listeners who want to feel the beat and the vibes, apart from the storytelling. On his first release with CloudKid, ‘Liar‘┬átells the familiar story of a toxic, obsessive relationship.

He says,“This specific track was inspired by a few older movies, ‘Basic Instinct’ being one of them. The main character is in love with someone who continues to lie to him, but he is so infatuated that he goes back again and again, even when he realizes that she’s trouble. He struggles letting go of his infatuation and attraction towards her as she is obsessive over him, even though she is a liar of the worst kind. You could even say that she’s downright ‘evil,’ using her looks to entrap men, offering something in return for giving them a part of herself.”

»My songs are basically all stories.«

Upstate New York artist, Jake Daniels, is no new kid on the block. With over 100 million streams and video views across all platforms, numerous top spots on the pop, alternative, and all-genre charts on iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam, and Deezer, and several Editorial playlist placements, Jake is sure to be an artist you want to remember. His real break into the industry was with his viral sensation, “Two Face,” which has now accumulated 30 million+ streams across all platforms, and has been featured in the Top 5 tracks on Apple Music in Central Asia’s Top 100 chart. Initially grabbing the attention of several animators on Youtube, the song allowed Jake to build a prominent fanbase in the Gacha community, as well as in Japan and Korea, changing his life from a local artist to global spectacle in a matter of months. And trust us when we say, after ‘Liar,’ they’ll be more of those to come.