Daniel Allan Kiss N Tell (feat. Perrin Xthona)
Release Date 15/10/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Daniel Allan - Kiss N Tell (ft. Perrin Xthona)

Daniel Allan’s irresistible ‘pop that slaps’ sound is back for another round of goodness with his latest single ‘Kiss N Tell’. Marking his 3rd collaboration with lyricist and vocalist Perrin Xthona, the dreamy track is set to flirt and charm your ears pretty much instantly. Lulling melodies, poppy hooks and lush drops are one of the many things the young producer has mastered, with ‘Kiss N Tell’ being no exception. Having grown up listening to an evolving range of genres – from classic rock to hiphop, and from dubstep to indie pop – it’s clear that Daniel Allan’s sound is a tasty melting pot, the sum of all his musical influences and experiences. Whether it’s the bouncy pop melodies, the hiphop inspired percussion, or the glitchy-style production, it’s all mixed in there tastefully. He explains:

“My artist project is eponymous (named after myself) because it was the only way that I could think to justify my sporadic changes in taste… …this track about is about being fed up with arguments and coming to terms with how you feel about someone; instead of being anxiety-ridden and in a back-and-forth mentality with yourself on whether or not the relationship is worth it. The song encourages you to dive in to it head first and embrace the consequences that may come with it”

»it was the only way that I could think to justify my sporadic changes in taste«

With so much passion for his music, Allan’s creativity has been running high since the very inception of the project. Now multiple singles in – including official remixes for the likes of Kesha & Wrabel – his talent has been rapidly recognized through editorial support from Spotify’s Fresh finds, Indie Pop Chillout & Weekend Hangout, as well as spotlighted by the likes of MrSuicideSheep, Chill Nation, Lyrical Lemonade and This Song Is Sick. Join the hype and check out ‘Kiss N Tell’ on Cloudkid now.