Lani Daye king of everything
Release Date 10/04/2023
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CloudKid Presents Lani Daye - king of everything

Following his last few singles on the label, Atlanta-based Lani Daye continues to gift listeners with often what feels like a musical warm hug. On his next track, ‘king of everything,’ the artist and producer shares an angsty, purely rocktronic record that has some dark undertones to it, both sonically and lyrically, while still keeping listeners feeling somewhat protected.

He says, “This track is about feeling stuck in a situation while you’re trying to achieve your goals; it’s about being pushed to achieve those goals via a so-called support system. But the people “supporting” you are the same ones that may as well be the ones that are bringing you down, telling you you’re not good enough, or subtly stabbing you in the back. The song is about realizing that this might be the situation you’re in, and imagining revenge or what you’d do if you reached those goals, and how you’d take a stand at those who said they were supposedly looking after you the whole time.”

»...they may as well be the ones bringing you down.«

Lani Daye is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer keen to blend elements of alternative, pop and hip-hop into his own unique sound. His first release, “Hate U/Miss U,” appeared on popular electronic music label Monstercat, garnering over 200k streams. He has since worked alongside artists such as HNST, Eden and Silent Child — whom has been a frequent producer on his tracks — and aims to continue genre-bending and producing his original music that will help others feel seen, heard and understood.