Omri i wanna say
Release Date 30/03/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Omri - i wanna say

A combination of dark, emotional themes with a self-aware, almost comedic approach in his music, Omri’s first single under CloudKid, ‘i wanna say,’ is lyrically nostalgic and full of self-doubt, with alt-pop and other electro-dance sensibilities, coming together for an interesting, immersive result of sound.  

Omri says, “I get inspired by everything, and I always write about my own personal life. I never write a story that isn’t mine, so I’d say my own life inspires me in a way. This song is geared toward a depressing situation that is better told in a playful way, which you can hear from the sound, too. It focuses on being in a bad place mentally or emotionally, and that moment when someone asks you, ‘how are you?‘ You’re in a position of wanting to answer that everything is fine, while also being faced with the fact that it’s not — hence the song’s title: ‘I wanna say – I’m just fine.’ It underlines the fact that it’s hard to continuously be asked how you’re doing, and stopping yourself from fully telling the truth.”    

»It's hard to be asked how you are, when you keep stopping yourself from telling the truth. «

Israel-born, Los Angeles based, media artist Omri fuses emotional, unfiltered songwriting, electronic melodies, and meta comedy to deliver a unique sound full of chaotic creative energy. His musical persona evolved in a most unlikely place: Eilat – a tiny, tourist-driven port city in the remote edge of Israel’s Desert. “Imagine some combination of Reno, Miami, and Idaho, but way shittier.” There, as an angsty teen with a jones for Linkin Park, Rise Against, and a growing collection of Epitaph Records’ catalog, he began playing drums in a Blink-182-influenced band before going solo as an electronic artist/singer. “I needed to express myself, so I started making songs on the computer that I could sing over,” Omri notes. “I wasn’t thinking about fitting into any genre at all.” Fast forward a few years in LA, Omri’s goal is to develop famously cathartic and energetic  music that will look to shatter even more stereotypes about what it means to be an electronic music artist in 2022. 

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