Say So City Your Danger
Release Date 23/03/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - It's On EP

The debut EP of Denmark-based Say So City is out now on CloudKid, entitled ‘It’s On‘! After releasing all of their tracks on the label, their intense, pop-infused rock and electronic music culminates with their impact single, ‘Your Danger,’ an edgy mixture of trap and Latin sounds, integrating a whole lot of badass zest and spice to their otherwise rocktronic catalogue.    

Birk of Say So City says of the impact song, “‘Your Dangeris about a relationship where one person is being overprotective over the other. In our context, the guy to the girl. She’s independent, strong and does whatever she wants. In reality, it’s not her who should be protected, but that he should rather protect himself from her. Since she could ruin him with how headstrong and confident she is.” On the Spanish influence within it, he continues, “The song just naturally turned out Spanish sounding to us, and we have never made anything in that language before, naturally, so we saw it as a fun little extra flare to add to the song’s sound.”  

»It's not her who should be protected. «

Sebastian, Line and Birk of Say So City’s final song of their debut EP acts as a final statement to their six month musical movement and endeavor, where they opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped would have a style, edge and creative mark to them. Say So City’s rocktronic sound and indie pop edge came with a deep dive headfirst into their very own creative world that they deemed unbeatable and unstoppable. Now, with their first larger body of work here and eventually, behind them, who knows where their sound and style will take them next. ‘It’s On,’ the full, five-track EP, OUT NOW!