Mandrazo, sebabrazy Intoxicated
Release Date 31/07/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mandrazo & sebabrazy - Intoxicated

Italian producer, Mandrazo and Greek-born, London-based artist, sebabrazy join forces to release, ‘Intoxicated,’ an electronic track with alternative elements that acts as a captivating and emotionally charged song that takes listeners on a reflective journey through the depths of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.  

sebabrazy says, “This song tells the story of a relationship marked by unanswered questions, hidden truths, and emotional turmoil. The song explores the internal struggle and the aftermath of a love that has turned toxic. Some quotable lines are // The alcohol is running through my veins, And I don’t know if I could be the same //, of which reflects the protagonist’s reliance on alcohol as a coping mechanism, highlighting their uncertainty about the future and the potential impact these negative patterns might have on their identity.”    

»'s marked by unanswered questions, hidden truths.«

Sebastian Chiriac, also known as sebabrazy, is a Romanian artist with Greek origins, currently based in London. Discovering his musical talent in late 2022 while experimenting in his a bedroom, sebabrazy crafts a captivating blend of electronic and pop music. On the track with him is Mandrazo, an electronic music producer from Italy. Having always been passionate about music, he began studying piano at an early age. In 2016, he began producing electronic music, learning day by day and coming to release his first official song on a German label. Starting from a house sound, Mandrazo eventually moved toward trap, future bass music, and began working with singers from all over the world. After many successful singles such as ‘Don’t Let Go’ and ‘Harder Than Ever,’ with millions of streams to date, he’s ready for the next adventure. Regardless if the numbers go up, his passion of releasing quality, engaging music, he says, will always remain the same. ‘Intoxicated‘ out on CloudKid!