Daniel Allan Insomnia
Release Date 22/07/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Daniel Allan - Insomnia

Groove-master Daniel Allan just gave us a very good reason to stay up all night with his latest single, Insomnia. The young producer flexes his signature sound – ‘pop that knocks’ – on the new track, which features an impressive combination of a happy and energetic production style that will certainly be knocking about on your feel-good days. Having grown up listening to an evolving range of genres – from classic rock to hiphop, and from dubstep to indie pop – it’s clear that Daniel Allan’s sound is a melting pot, the sum of all his musical influences. Whether it’s the bouncy pop melodies, the hiphop percussion, or the glitchy-style production, it’s all mixed in there tastefully.

Talking about Insomnia, he explains: “This song is about the anxiety surrounding a new relationship. The song describes the state of mind you find yourself in after meeting someone you want to get to know better – constantly overthinking. Second guessing. Worrying about messing things up to the point where you stay up all night running through different hypothetical situations…this is something that’s happened to me before, and I know many people will be able to relate

»it's about the state of mind you find yourself in after meeting someone you want to get to know better«

Already reaching over 1M streams within his first year, and being recognized by the editors of Spotify’s Playlists Fresh finds, Indie Pop Chillout & Weekend Hangout, it’s pretty clear that his infectious sound is doing the rounds. Setting out to give his listeners a soundtrack to their best memories, Insomnia will certainly make its way in there. Check it out on Cloudkid now.