BB Cooper In My Dreams
Release Date 16/03/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents BB Cooper - In My Dreams

BB Cooper’s latest single, ‘In My Dreams’ is a spooky, powerful and contemplative electronic-rock track that transports listeners between two worlds. Inspired by one of Cooper’s all-time favourite films, ‘Inception,‘ the premise of the song revolves around a romantic connection that seems to only be achievable in one’s own dreams. Between the song’s twist and turns, and notable mid-song hook and drop that appears to have some “Heart-Shaped Box” a la Nirvana influences, it is a high-energy, albeit, creepy track, also lending hallucinogenic-like sensibilities to it as a whole.  

Cooper comments briefly on the arc: “The narrative flickers back and forth between the real world and the dream world. It’s all in the lyrics this time. From the line ‘…got no energy‘ being the real world, and ‘see my energy…’ the dream one, among others that you can listen and work through.”

»It flickers between the real and dream worlds. «

BB Cooper is the criminal — and musical mastermind — behind ‘In My Dreams.’ Hailing from an undisclosed location, there have been several attempts at guessing his true identity (including referring to him, instead, as DB), none of which have had any luck in a reveal. However, with this secrecy, comes an authenticity, with many of Cooper’s lyrics and themes often being personal in nature and reflective of the turbulent journey he has traveled thus far. Having already garnered support on the debut track of his EP, ‘Blame’  by BBC Radio Introducing, as well as leading YouTube channels xKito, Galaxy Music and Aviencloud, it is clear that BB Cooper is ready to keep taking the world, and airwaves, by storm. Putting his largest body of work to date behind him, his EP last year, Ticket to Contemplation, he again invites listeners to get ready, grab a chute and strap in for another adventure with his next single.