notefly, HVLO, IOVA In A Grave
Release Date 17/08/2023
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CloudKid Presents notefly, HVLO, IOVA - In A Grave

On this collaborative track from Korean producers, notefly & HVLO, ‘In A Grave‘ — of which features impressive vocals by Bucharest-based, IOVA — there’s a slow, but steady approach toward death, so to speak, that is expressed through the song’s pulsating guitar riffs. The image of going to the grave, as the song’s title suggests, is vividly depicted in the song’s mid-way, powerful drop.  

HVLO says of the song, “There’s a little bit of a morbid element to this song, as it emphasizes that death awaits everyone regardless of the person, their religion, background, wealth or fame. And that in the end, we all end up in the same place down under anyway.”    

»...death awaits everyone regardless of the person.«

notefly, a producer from South Korea, is a completely new project from the artist’s previous alias VincA. His music is not limited to any particular genre, having a dark, dreamy, and mystical vibe to it, giving listeners a unique experience, making them feel the various emotions, melodies, and sounds with a sense of emptiness and mystery. On this track with notefly is HVLO, an anonymous producer who comes from a family legacy of musicians spanning three generations. Having spent years as a mathematics teacher until the age of 24, HVLO finally decided to follow their passion for music. With a deep affection for orchestral and bass sounds, HVLO consistently aims to convey a sense of reverie and grandeur in their compositions. Their music invites listeners to experience a realm where emotions and magnificence intertwine, transcending the conventional. Lastly on the track is IOVA, a singer-songwriter born and raised in a Romanian family of engineers, inheriting both singing and lyrical talents from her grandparents. Her passion for music began at age of eleven when she started taking guitar and piano lessons. Two years later, she formed her own rock band. IOVA established herself as a solo artist in the industry after being a member of LaLa Band, the most famous teen-centered sitcom series in Romania. Together, they all release ‘In A Grave,‘ out on CloudKid!    

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