updog impress you
Release Date 02/10/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog - impress you

updog’s relentless songwriting and vision presents us with his latest sonic treat ‘impress you’. The single also marks the announcement of his upcoming 3rd EP ‘bouncy boy’, giving us another tasty glimpse into what’s next in store from the rising talent. On this occasion, and in true updog fashion – ‘impress you’ channels his distinguishable and mastered rocktronic sound, building itself compellingly between a stripped guitar lead verse and an explosive electronic chorus. He explains:

“It all started with the lyric ‘If I’m to blame, for my own pain, for me please don’t feel sorry’. I see myself and a lot of other people putting themselves in horrible situations, situations they chose to be in, and instead of fixing the problem, just begin to victimize themselves and look for pity. The saddest part is we usually do that to impress our own vain ego or someone else, instead of just doing what genuinely makes us happy, because we’re too scared of what others might think” “This song is a bit of an attack on myself, a reminder to stop being a martyr of my own choices, and a cry to anyone who knows me, to never pity me for self induced circumstances I put myself in.”

»This song is a bit of an attack on myself, a reminder to stop being a martyr of my own choices«

Being a fan and follower of updog in 2020 comes at a golden time. Whether it’s releasing tantalising music on a consistent basis; soundtracking a meme animation competition; hosting a balloon boy face filter game; or simply delivering honest messages through his music that we all need to hear – the updog world is certainly one you want to get involved in.  With countless singles, 2 EP’s and now a 3rd one on its way, it’s fair to say that the music still doesn’t cease to impress. Check out ‘impress you’ on Cloudkid now.

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