Stileto, Silent Child Immortal
Release Date 05/08/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto & Silent Child - Immortal

Powerful and persistent, Stileto and Silent Child join forces on ‘Immortal‘ — an eclectic, alt-electronic track that shows off Stileto’s insistent production and influence of different genres, meeting Silent Child’s hopeful lyrics and smooth vocals.

Silent Child says about the song, “We aren’t made to live forever. And someday everyone is going to be gone and leave this earth. This song grapples with the idea that while we’re alive, we have the choice to be remembered, or on the opposing end, forgotten in death. The song is about having tunnel vision so focused that all you see is the end. But as the song says, ‘legends never die.‘”  

»It grapples with the idea that while we're alive, we have the choice to be remembered.«

Despite growing up with Asperger’s, Atlanta-based vocalist and producer Silent Child was able to find his voice and break his silence through music. Though not an easy road, throughout the last years, he has been able to get signed, release tons of records with other newcomers and has even been recognized — even more so after his song, ‘F*** You,’ went viral  — across leading Spotify Editorial playlists (Alternative Beats, Fresh Finds, Sludge, Creamy) and more. Next to Silent Child on this one are Los Angeles based duo, Stileto. Not keen on sticking to production alone, both Rob and Isaiah aim to bring their music and social presence to the next level, but that can only happen if their music stays at top standard and a top priority. Yet, it’s clear to see why their sound instantly resonates, connecting different influences, past and present, while still feeling fresh in 2022. Together, they release an intense, nostalgic, compelling track that will have listeners craving more of this collaboration.

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