Say So City Solitutde
Release Date 30/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - I Might Be God EP

On their final track of their second EP, Say So City get real on what they deem, “a dark anthem,” that sounds cinematic, dystopian, while also being quite sad and questioning on ‘Solitutde.’

Say So City say, “We were inspired by a few different artists on this song — including label mate, Silent Child to larger performers like X Ambassadors and Rammstein. ‘Solitude‘ is a song that sounds like a demonstration of power. While keeping with that theme, we hear Line’s vocals contrast the powerful instrumental with her angelic, soft vocals right before the song has its drop. There’s a lot of range on the song musically and vocally as a result. Basically the song is asking, “what if the only person you’re actually talking to is yourself?’ Maybe other people would imagine that that’s lonely, but it can also be relieving and full of freedom to have no responsibility for no one else other than yourself. Kind of ‘no need for pity and disappointment, because this bad bi*** ain’t needing no one type of energy…'”    

»There's a powerful instrumental with angelic, soft vocals on this track.«

Following the dance, club-like hits that were their previous few singles, which scored them various Spotify Editorial lists, including Oyster and Electrending, as well as landing numerous YouTube placements, including Nightblue and Galaxy Music, Danish-trio Say So City release the final track of their second EP. Their first EP, ‘It’s On, also released on CloudKid last year, acted as a musical movement and endeavour in which they each opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a specific style and creative mark to it. Their rocktronic sound and indie pop edge gave the an advantage; and now, with their next EP, I Might Be God, out now, they’ve proven that they are able to push the limits of their own creativity with new sounds and genre-bending music, from club hits with fierce drops to subdued love songs. And this next one is no different – surprising and epic, ‘Solitude‘ — alongside the entire I Might Be God EP — out now!