Say So City I Might Be God
Release Date 15/06/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - I Might Be God

The Danish trio, Say So City, is back for their first single of the summer and their next cycle of music with CloudKid. ‘I Might Be God’ is what they deem as the metaphysical representation of that fine line between greatness and madness. It’s a modern, hard-hitting alt-rock track (notorious from the group) that flows with a catchy, prominent bassline, which exudes coolness, splashed with a touch of arrogance.

Birk of Say So City says, “In a world where anyone can preach their way through social media, and make people believe what they are saying, selling and wearing, we wanted to make it known that we can all be our own gods and have our own religion that isn’t embodying some sort of blind faith like that of what we mostly see online. As a band, we want to share the feeling of believing in ourselves — and for you to believe in yourself — and hopefully some listeners out there will feel a little godlike, too, in their own right as a result.”

»We want to make it known that we can all be our own gods.«

Sebastian, Line and Birk of Say So City’s released their debut EP last winter, It’s On, which acted as a musical movement and endeavor in which they opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a style and creative mark to them. Say So City’s rocktronic sound and indie pop edge came with a deep dive headfirst into their very own creative world that was unbeatable and unstoppable. Now, with their first larger body of work behind them, they return with madness and pleasure on the first single of their next project, ‘I Might Be God,’ which is available now for streaming!