Kiyashqo If You Wanna
Release Date 15/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kiyashqo - If You Wanna

On Kiyashqo’s next track with CloudKid, ‘If You Wanna’ showcases a dreamy, albeit haunting sound, one of which conveys a sense of longing and yearning. The song weaves between a blend of guitars and 808s while also delivering sad and powerful vocals at the same time.  

Kiyashqo says of the narrative in more detail, “The song is about a past relationship that ended badly, and the couple is struggling to move on. But despite the breakup, there are still feelings. Overall, this track seems to have a bittersweet and emotional quality that’s likely to resonate with listeners who have experienced heartbreak or loss. The blend of guitars and 808s creates a unique sonic texture that sets the mood for the lyrics and overall story.”  

»This track has a bittersweet feeling to it that listeners will relate to...«

Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Everlast, Post Malone on this track, Kiyashqo takes reigns and showcases the talented and prolific creator that he is. A man of many talents, real name, Artyom, is a singer, songwriter, video director and photographer who uses visuals and sound in tandem. His music is a blend of emotions, combining feelings of sadness with groovy tunes that can be played while cruising top down in a car during sunset or at a noisy night party with strangers you’ve never met before. He likes to describe his music as, “the soundtrack for the last day of summer.” His next single, ‘If You Wanna,’ out now!