Besomorph, HALUNA I Don't Wanna Talk
Release Date 25/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Besomorph & HALUNA - I Don't Wanna Talk

A fierce, vibrant and energetic track that boasts electronic, house-y sensibilities, Germany-born, Los Angeles-based, Besomorph teams up with Korean-American vocalist HALUNA to release their joint single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk.

HALUNA explains, “This track with Beso is about being worn out by a partner who is known to use comforting words to try and win their partner back, time and time again. However, with someone who is consistently hurtful, there is no more room to have a conversation. The song is a reminder to all those who have been there and to guide them so as to not fall back into the same cycle, be in the same situation with the same person, and expect a different outcome. Especially when the past history is so clear.”  

»It's a reminder to you all who have been there to not fall back into the same cycle.«

Known for combining dark melodicism with electronic music, Besomorph, who currently holds a count of over 3M monthly listeners on Spotify, has established himself as one of the most-streamed German electronic music artists. He was introduced to DJing by a friend when he was fifteen years old. A couple of years later, he switched to making his own sounds in order to expand creatively and ultimately launched his career as Besomorph in 2016. With over 650 million streams across the platforms, he has secured slots on Spotify’s largest editorial playlists, such as Hype, Main Stage, Bass Arcade, over 5 NMF playlists and up-and-coming Germany-based playlists. His music has been released on various labels and YouTube music channels such as NCS, Trap Nation, Trap City, Suicide Sheep, CloudKid and xKito to name a few. Alongside him on this record is HALUNA, an electronic artist from Los Angeles, CA, who debuted in October of 2021. Within her first year, she has massed over 20M streams with her music. Together, ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk’ out now on CloudKid! ‘