Lani Daye i don't like u
Release Date 16/01/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Lani Daye - i don't like u

Introducing CloudKid’s first new signee of the year, Atlanta-based, Lani Daye, and his debut with the label, ‘i don’t like u,’  a confident, moody, angsty track that was bound to get emotional, worked on  alongside CloudKid resident producer, Birk B and label alum/signee, Silent Child. 

Lani says, “The song is about getting out of a manipulative situation and finally realizing you don’t actually like the person that has been close to you for so long anyway. It’s the point where you’re finally speaking your mind and telling them off. My music is mostly inspired by how I’m feeling in the present moment, mixed with external factors such as other songs, the weather, scenery and naturally, my own personal experiences. I also find that inspiration for my music comes randomly, so I could really be influenced by anything. I think it’s also the same when I’m producing.”  

»It's about realizing you don't actually like the person anymore...«

Lani Daye is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer keen to blend elements of alternative, pop and hip-hop into his own unique sound. His first release, “Hate U/Miss U,” appeared on popular electronic music label Monstercat, garnering over 200k streams. He has since worked alongside artists such as Silent Child and HNST, and aims to continue genre-bending and producing his original music that will help others feel seen, heard and understood. His first release with CloudKid, ‘i don’t like u,‘ out NOW!