Release Date 10/07/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Besomorph & Silent Child - IDGAF

The two prolific artists that have made a name for themselves by doing things their own way – ignoring any voice that tries to shut them down – come out and say it straight. IDGAF’ is the latest collaborative offspring by the wonder-producers Besomorph and Silent Child, and boy it sounds great before we even press play.  While both artists are certainly not shy of collaborations; Besomorph jumping on ventures with the likes of Coopex and Neoni, and Silent Child with Sem and Dooqu, the blend of Besomorph and Silent Child is one that resonates the most. Both known for combining dark melodicism with heavy electronic music, it’s a match that oozes brilliance.

Coming in hot off the back of a string of unmissable singles, Silent Child is currently riding a new peak in his musical career. Emitting a sense of confidence and a sound that is becoming more and more defined and recognisable, his presence and magical touch in IDGAF is outstanding. 

»it’s a match that oozes brilliance«

Similarly, Besomorph’s peak is now boasting 2M monthly listeners on Spotify. Making him the most streamed Bass Trap artist in Germany; 14th most popular internationally; and a face many have seen recently on the cover of Spotify Editorials ‘Main Stage’ playlist. And if for some reason you have missed both artists so far, the support they’ve both received from the likes MrSuicideSheep, Trap Nation, xKito, Nightblue Music,, among many others will definitely not go unnoticed. Listen to IDGAF’ now to check what all the hype is about.