Release Date 14/04/2023
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CloudKid Presents Silent Child & DREAMERS - IDFLU

Silent Child is back with a new collaboration, this time with the LA-based band DREAMERS. Together on ‘IDFLU,’ the two artists have come together to create a dark, aggressive track that combines Silent Child’s classic sound with DREAMERS’ powerful vocals

Silent Child explains the meaning behind the song: “It’s about toxicity. It’s about someone in your life who came in disguised as an angel, but was really just acid. It’s like someone who came into your life with the sole purpose of blowing it up. Now, every thought of them that crosses your mind makes you sick. The fact that they are on your mind is almost physically damaging you.”

»It's about toxicity. «

LA-based DREAMERS has had a great career behind, and likely will have a great one ahead. The band has shared the stage with well-known acts such as X Ambassadors, The 1975, Bleachers, and Weezer and have also received coverage from Fader, Entertainment Weekly, Paste, and have performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in recent months.