Silent Child I'll Be There For You
Release Date 11/10/2019
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CloudKid Presents Cloudkid Releases "Silent Child - I'll Be There For You"

Up and coming writer and producer – Silent Child – breaks his silence with his latest cutting-edge single ‘I’ll Be There For You’. Tapping into an admirably raw and emotional writing style, the track loops a haunting but incredibly catchy riff; the syncopated nature of the beat making for an an inevitable head-banging groove of the month.

Expanding on the track meaning, Silent Child explains: “This song comes from heavy emotions. I really want people to get it, relate, and know that I’m putting my feelings on the table for everyone to see. Specifically – it’s about my girlfriend. My life was pretty broken before her. Growing up, I had few friends and my relationships weren’t what I wanted or needed. Not with her though. I feel like myself with her and I would do anything for her… that’s where the title and lyrics come in. It was hard for me to go through life thinking I would never find love, but then I ended up with the perfect 1 in 7 billion match”

»»I'm putting my feelings on the table for everyone to see««

Despite having only released a handful of singles in 2019, Silent Child is already seamlessly breaking the mold of the conventional ‘future’ sound. Practically self-defining his own genre in the process, his production and emotive vocal delivery on ‘I’ll Be There For You’ are largely incomparable, and makes for an inspiring start to Silent Child’s rise into the scene.