updog hurt
Release Date 08/07/2019
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CloudKid Presents updog - hurt

updog releases grandiose debut single ‘hurt’ to enter the scene with purpose and confidence. Written and produced in a forest, every aspect of ‘hurt’ lures you into the song deeper and deeper. The softly plucked guitar, the raw delivery of the lyrics and the atmospheric backdrop are instantly captivating; and before you know it, the song builds effortlessly into a magnificent drop where rock meets electronic and where we are truly convinced by updog’s prowess as a songwriter as well as a producer. updog explains that the depth and emotion of the song runs deep within its meaning:  

“The song is about a girl who’s in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship. I wrote it from my point of view, me trying to reach out and help, but effectively not being able to get through. I haven’t had this exact experience myself, but I know many women who suffer from being in abusive relationships, who feel so powerless they will literally shut down all their senses and not allow anyone in. I’m frustrated in this song, because i can’t understand why she won’t reach out. But that’s obviously the classic outsider/male perspective, where you cannot possibly comprehend or empathise with what that person is going through. Metaphorically, it transcends beyond just this. To me it represents people’s ability to continually be in denial about things they know are ruining them. Whether that’s a relationship, food you consume, products you consume, things you say, or talk about yourself. I myself am guilty of this all the time.”  

»To me it represents people’s ability to continually be in denial about things they know are ruining them«

updog’s dark and intense approach results from his artistic concept of “acknowledging and putting your worst self out there”. This admirable concept is enforced by his artwork which represent his insecurities, and the lyrics representing personal experiences or dark thoughts. Drawing influences from a range of artists such as Gabriel Black, Grandson and 2 feet, updog’s debut has managed to tap into something refreshing and meaningful, and has certainly earned him the spotlight to see what he does next.  

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