Release Date 03/07/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents HUDSUN - Run

Alternative fusionist HUDSUN continues his run of unmissable songs with his latest majestic-sounding single – ‘Run’. Coming through on high anticipation following his previous single ‘Shutdown – a track which brought the young songwriter under a well deserved growing spotlight – ‘Run’ now proves to be a track which solidifies his sound in the scene even further. Staying true to his epic rocktronic sound design, HUDSUN mixes soulful vocals and contagious melodies into a song that oozes grandiosity and inspiration; one that sticks with you all day and will provide the chill-inducing sensation we all seek through music. The brains behind this feeling – Sam Hudson – explains the meaning behind the track:

“Run is about someone who is speeding through life far too quickly, believing that they are heading towards something great when really they are missing out on life. It’s an acknowledgment of feeling like you are constantly underachieving and therefore unable to take a rest but in the process, draining yourself of energy and losing touch with people who care for you”

»it's about someone who is speeding through life far too quickly«

HUDSUN has always put emphasis on writing music which connects with people through honesty and relatability. Along with his growing fanbase, this connection has also reached and created recognition from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio 1, MrSuicideSheep, Trap Nation, as well as the recent signing to Cloudkid Accompanied once again by a captivating music video, HUDSUN’s artistic vision, song meaning and superb songwriting come together perfectly into ‘Run’. Check it out now.