K Theory, Staarz, R4URY High Enough
Release Date 23/08/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents K Theory, R4URY, Staarz - High Enough

This next track by K Theory, R4URY and Staarz is likely one that is familiar to listeners already. Made famous by American artist, K.flay, this version of ‘High Enough‘ is a 4 to the floor electronic cover of the original with the strings recreated as a synth to keep the strong melody of the original in the drop.  

Artist K. Theory says, “R4aury & Staarz had been working on an electro mix of this song and when I heard the demo I knew I had to do my own bass version. This song is about meeting a person who is so electrifying and life changing that you no longer need drugs or alcohol or anything else to lift you up cuz they just do it for you! I also interpret this song as a coming of age into your best self, living your best life and not being limited to things outside of you to elevate yourself.” Producer R4URY continues, “The track is about not needing any drugs or alcohol to just enjoy the moment. As I heard the original, I instantly got this electro idea in my head with the synths especially. The idea then became more refined after a few times. I’ve previously collaborated with Staarz due to her amazing vocals, and so we really tried to put this song out there and hope it gets the recognition of its uniqueness.”  

»You don't need anything else to lift you up because they just do it for you.«

Imagine all the genres of music as the stars in the universe to then find those stars collapsing into a giant ball of musical matter, ultimately being reborn from the astral world. This is K Theory… pioneers of glitch hop, nu electro, electronic hip hop, and festival trap that can connect and resonate with fans in such a regard, that it’s manifested into them holding one of the most illustrious careers in EDM. Accumulating over one billion total plays worldwide and a constant staple of dance charting, the K Theory sound has become a global force. With over 300 plus single releases and major collaborations with Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Universal, Ultra, Big Beat, Buygore, Owsla, 300 Entertainment, Think Its A Game Records, Empire, Dim Mak, Westwood Recordings & Simplify, their signature soundscape and triple threat talent of DJ/production/remixes and an unmatched live energy has led them to some of the most coveted stages in the industry including Red Rocks, Coachella and Electric Forest. Reigniting with new embodied energy, inspiration, and a wealth of unreleased creativity, K Theory is set to blast off to the stratosphere of the global music scene for the rest of 2023. Together with Staarz, the vocalist featured on the song with a dark, raspy, but ethereal and powerful voice and R4URY who has built a grandiose passion for music and has a good ear for music production, they release their rendition of ‘High Enough,‘ via CloudKid!

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