Release Date 08/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Hell

Described as modern-day therapy for the ears and the soul, Atlanta-based singer, producer and artist Silent Child returns to release music under CloudKid with the first single of his next EP, ‘Graduation.‘ This next one — ‘Hell‘ — is an introspective, fun, alternative-rock-meets-electronic song that many listeners may find they can relate to lyrically as well.

Silent Child says, “I was at a point in my life where I was tired of things always getting thrown at me. There was a point when one of my first tracks ever, ‘Fuck You,’ went viral that I got pretty sick afterwards and it destroyed my voice for what I thought was a permanent time. I’m also usually more sick than I am healthy for a lot of reasons and it feels like whenever I get an ounce of happiness, a pound of problems are dropped on me, and this is what that song is about and tries to put onto paper. It gets a bit exhausting sometimes.”  

»I was tired of things always getting thrown at me...«