Silent Child Heart Attack
Release Date 20/11/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Heart Attack

Silent Child plucks our heart strings and makes it skip a beat with his brand new single ‘Heart Attack’. Reaching deep into his feelings, the track sees Rodney – the Atlanta based writer, singer and producer behind the entire project – display his current and evolving emotions surrounding his musical pursuit. Once filled with doubt, the rocktronic sensation has now truly earned himself the spotlight, reaching a climactic stage with this 4th and final single ahead of his debut EP (out February 2021). Opening up about his journey as an artist, he says:

“This song is about my caution for the future based on past damage. When I started making music, it began with me thinking I was a god. I would make anything and believe that it sounded amazing. A rude awakening hit when I sent my music to actual professionals and would get bombarded with destructive criticism and told to quit. That idea sunk in my head long enough for it to be a permanent feature of my personality. I almost gave up on my dreams and I’m a heavy victim of self-loathing/doubt. But I stuck with it only because I knew that one day, I wouldn’t hate myself or my music anymore”.

»I knew that one day, I wouldn't hate myself or my music anymore«

Only a year on, Silent Child has now been recognised across the board, including on leading Spotify Editorial playlists (Alternative Beats, Fresh Finds, Sludge, Creamy); uploads from all major YouTube channels (Mr.SuicideSheep. xKito, Cloudkid); as well as features from the likes of Before The Data, and Earmilk. Join the journey and listen to ‘Heart Attack’ now.