Silent Child, Vanic Have My Back
Release Date 17/06/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Silent Child & Vanic - Have My Back

American vocalist — Silent Child — and Canadian producer — Vanic — team up for a rebellious, dark, and angry meets sorrowful track, with a storyline that many listeners have most likely experienced on their collaborative, ‘Have My Back.’ Regretful and full of self-fulfilling prophecies, sonically, the song is a hybrid of midtempo and trap meets orchestral rock in sound, which Vanic says, he has been experimenting with quite heavily as of late.

The artists say, “This track is about losing a friend that used to have your back. But without that friend in the picture, you’re left feeling like you have to face your demons alone. The song encompasses the feelings of that loss and also of putting time into something that you sort of knew was going to go awry  — because you knew you were going to mess it up at some point. It’s also a crossover of personal listening and electronic dance floor music that is supposed to speak to you as a way to connect, while also being playable in other environments, say festivals or parties. It was intended to be music with meaning first and as a dance record second.”    

»It was intended to be music with meaning first and as a dance record second.«

Inspired by personal experiences, but also world events and “life in general,” Vanic made his mark as a producer by turning his experiences into sound, as a means for others to be able to see and understand their own experiences reflected in music. In 2021, Vanic reemerged from a slight hiatus with his debut artist album ‘Here & Now.’ “The album is about being present in the moment. It’s about reality being made from perceptions, and is a little bit of the past and a lot of the future.” To accompany these forward-thinking ideas, Vanic teamed up with Hiber to create a virtual world that allows fans to experience an album in a whole new way. The goal was to create something that would feel different for every person who listened and watched. On ‘Have My Back.’ he lays the groundwork production alongside vocalist Silent Child, who despite growing up with Asperger’s, was able to find his voice and was ultimately able to break his silence through music. Along the way, he has now been recognized — even more so after his song, ‘F*** You,’ went viral  — across leading Spotify Editorial playlists (Alternative Beats, Fresh Finds, Sludge, Creamy) and more. Together they shine on their first collaborative track, which is now available for streaming! 

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