updog hate to see you cry
Release Date 08/12/2022
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CloudKid Presents updog - hate to see you cry

updog rounds out the year with his latest song that channels a part of his brand new lease on life as an artist and sound. On the highly emotional, lyrically flooded ‘hate to see you cry,‘ the artist gets up close and personal, while honing in on the alt-pop sound that he knows all too well.

He says, “It’s a bit of a sad one, isn’t it? It’s basically me releasing feelings of frustration that one has as a result of not being able to heal your partners’ wounds from past trauma caused by parents or other circumstances in their life. You love them so much that you would do anything to help solve their problems and change the past. And you’re just so frustrated with the people in their life that likely had a cause in this, that you don’t even know how to internalise those relationships or how to act around those people anymore. The overall realisation is that your partner might just actually need a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to and someone who’s just there without making the situation about your own personal frustrations.”  

»They might just actually need a shoulder to cry on...«

Steadily walking down his brand new path, updog’s latest musical work tackles how he’s been approaching being on that high road. The end of his previous EP marked the end of his “emo” era, that body of work full of songs that were introspective, self-deprecating and full of meta-level lyricism. However, as that EP progressed, listeners found themselves hearing less serious narratives, where the writing fluctuated instead to describe moments in real time, rather than at the meta, life level. This time around, with a new EP in the works, out for release next winter,  updog wants listeners to follow his life, through story and sound, as it is now, following some of his mundane moments, making them into grandiose storytelling for the masses. Poetic, full of good vibes and music he says, is ‘simply to chill or dance to,’ this new way forward for him is more about paying homage to his own experiences and himself more than anything or anyone else. The emotional, loving next single, ‘hate to see you cry‘ out now!

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