notefly, BrillLion Harley & Joker
Release Date 20/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents notefly & BrillLion - Harley & Joker

Korean artists, notefly and BrillLion join forces to release ‘Harley & Joker,’ their opportunity to release the dark inner story and fiery love of Harley & Joker through a progression of dreamy and dark mood chords, particularly in the drop section, where an intense synth bass and choir help create an overall harmony. The choir and bass also create a contrasting and coexisting structure, where the choir represents light and the bass darkness.    

BrillLion says of the track, “In the face of love, good and evil become disorderly. Within the coexistence of good and evil lies the eternal battle between light and darkness, and the ultimate test of one’s true character. This is what that song is about, with Harley and Joker as the main characters involved to show listeners that.”  

»Good and evil become disorderly. «

notefly, a producer from South Korea, is a completely new project from the artist’s previous alias VincA. His music is not limited to any particular genre, having a dark, dreamy, and mystical vibe to it, giving listeners a unique experience, making them feel the various emotions, melodies, and sounds with a sense of emptiness and mystery. On the track with him is BrillLion, a melodic bass artist from South Korea, who has previously been supported by Illenium, Nurko, Egzod and so many other talented artists. He began producing music in 2016, but it was in 2020 that he began hsi artistic career in earnest. While there are a myriad of melodic bass producers on the scene, BrillLion has distinguished himself with his own. creativity to create immersive emotional experiences.Through numerous competitions, he made his name known around the world. Together, they release their first song together on CloudKid, ‘Harley & Joker!’ Out now!

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