Confetti Guilty Pleasures
Release Date 13/08/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Guilty Pleasures

The high-spirited, raucous, pop-rock elephant duo, Confetti, are back with a banger that will no doubt make us feel like we’ve been transported back to the late 90s / early 20s. Their summertime fine, upbeat, ‘Guilty Pleasures‘ not only boasts pop sensibilities and, as always, an anthemtic, catchy as heck chorus that will naturally induce dance battles and booty shakes, but is also chock-full of pop-cultural references to song lyrics and artists that will have us remembering the glory days of American music television programs and videos.

They say, “it’s a pop throwback full of positive, happy vibes. The song is about those pesky guilty pleasures that sneak their way into your present day life. If it’s slightly nostalgic and slightly embarrassing, chances are high that it’s a guilty pleasure.”

»...slightly nostalgic and slightly embarrassing, chances are high it’s a guilty pleasure.«

Following up from their debut EP Elephant In The Room in 2020, and debut Album The Circus: Act 1 in 2021, the forthcoming EP of the same name, Guilty Pleasures, is set to step the duo to yet another level. Proving their talent so far with previous recognition across multiple platforms – including Spotify Editorial Pop Rock Shot, Pop Rock, Bops, NMF and features from Earmilk, Atwood, This Song Is Sick, among others – this new track will clearly elevate Confetti and bring in new fans and follows alike. This guilty pleasure is not one to feel guilty about at all.